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The history and future of the Universe in four minutes: Brian Greene at TED2014

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Physicist Brian Green promises he will tell the audience at TED 2014 the whole history of the universe in four minutes. “Forgive me,” he says, “if I leave out a detail here or there.” He does it with two metaphors. One from the beginning till now, and another from now…

Twitter Is Like . . .

Originally posted on dorkymum:
I was out for coffee the other day with a non-tweeting friend. “So what’s Twitter actually like?” she asked. I ummed and ahhed, and explained it all very badly, mumbling some fairly dry stuff about retweets and hashtags and follows. She didn’t look convinced. So I’ve been thinking about it ever…

10 Reasons Why Technology Isn’t Bad for Kids

Originally posted on No, Strike That:
There is a horrible article making the rounds right now from HuffPost written by the new self-appointed leader of the “Save the Children” crusade, Cris Rowan.?And this time, she’s after our iPhones! Get the pitchforks Cleetus, we’re gonna have an angry mob! I feel horrible for even doing this,…

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Daily Prompt: Careless Whisper

social media revolution 2014

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